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Chris the Thr!llest is the Rapper/Singer/producer of his own imagination;scarred, hesitant, and awkward yet, bold, certain and convicted with persistence. The 26 year old goofy genius shamelessly wears the ugly bowl cut of doubt and insecurity that's hid him from his music legacy for years. Now, charged with urgency and purpose of a reincarnate, he pours everything into every moment. Chris makes gold out of anything and everything, certain that it is the rich man's secret and the pour man's bear trap. Chris's music tells of the Nerd Turned Hero, the underdog who overcame in all of us. Shaded by dark tented shyness, Chris began seriously writing and recording at the age of 18 as a proponent of the 805 Hip Hop collective, Tha Profound Sound. The kid has relentlessly created for years while juggling full time college, full time work, internships and a long distance relationship. Never having time, always making time. Chris's music is awkwardly awesome, painfully authentic, and heroically triumphant.

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